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The National Defense Magazine - Norway - publishes news, analyzes, op-eds and debate on a daily basis on forsvaretsforum.no. The magazine «F» is published four times a year, both in print and digital editions. We primarily publish content in Norwegian, but we do publish a small number of articles in English.

Do you have any questions, input or comments? Send an e-mail to tips@fofo.no or contact a member of our editorial staff.

Editorial independence and professional standards
Forsvarets forum is a member of The Norwegian Trade Press Association (Fagpressen), its editors are members of the Norwegian Association of Editors (Norsk Redaktørforening), and thereby member of the Norwegian Press Association (Norsk Presseforbund). The Editor-in-Chief is Anne Karin Pessl-Kleiven.

The editorial staff of Forsvarets forum has a free and independent position in line with the Act on Editorial Independence and Responsibility in Editor-controlled Journalistic Media (Medieansvarsloven) and the publication is edited in line with the Declaration on the Rights and Duties of the Editor (Redaktørplakaten). The editorial staff must commit themselves to the principles of best practices of the press, as set out in the Code of Ethics of the Norwegian Press (Vær Varsom-plakaten).

Our objectives are to:

  • increase knowledge of the Norwegian Armed Forces' activities and the general public interest in defense and security policy topics through objective, critical and independent journalism.
  • contribute to engagement and debate on defense and security policy issues, and set the agenda in the public debate.
  • disseminate news of general interest and reaching out to the general public.

Target groups

Our target groups are employees in the Norwegian Armed Forces, conscripts who serve their first-time service, reserve officers, veterans, retirees from the Armed Forces, public administration, the media, and everyone who is interested in the Armed Forces, as well as in defense and security policy.

Ownership and publisher

The National Defence Magazine is owned by The Norwegian Armed Forces (Forsvaret), and is published by the Chief of the Norwegian Armed Forces Joint Support Services (Sjef Forsvarets fellestjenester) on behalf of the Chief of Defence (Forsvarssjefen). The editorial team is organized as a department of the Joint Support Services.

The owner and the publisher do not have the opportunity to exercise any influence over the journalistic content, in accordance with the aforementioned legislation and press ethics codes.

Opinion disclaimer

Any views and opinions expressed in analyzes, op-eds and debate articles are those of the authors and the contributors, and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Forsvarets forum and its editorial staff, the publisher nor the owner of the publication.


We take transparency seriously, and publish corrections of our own errors continuously in this log.

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